Simon review

"There was a great consistent improvement by description, 'how to', and help. The way the course continued…"

In 2-3 sentences describe the overall impression about the course.

There was a great consistent improvement by description, 'how to', and help. The way the course continued involved a lot of build up relying on our understanding and this was crucial to understand the complex and necessary logic that was used. I would say it was very informative such that everything I needed and needed to know was provided. I may say knowledge of coding is helpful and this was important to speed up and increase skills as they became necessary.

What did you think about the trainer (experience, communication, skills etc)?

He was more than a good trainer because he could involve key aspects of learning methods. I would say he was friendly and encouraging. I felt happy and was more confident because of this. He was also patient.

How will the knowledge you gained during the course benefit you in your career?

It is, I feel, a important subject for my IT intended goals and its nice to see a animated, say person to person guide to many, many subjects. I will hopefully continue from here to more advanced steps. I want to have enough skills that I can work possible more job roles and improve my employ-ability.

Why did you choose Training Dragon for your training (price, course contents, location, meeting before booking impressed me)?

I was shown the course by my mother. She looked for it wanting to encourage me. I found myself as well as did she that being responded to quickly and given explanations as to what was involved made us attracted to it. I feel that it is a needed place to study that works well to compliment independent study and continued learning