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Upcoming dates

There are no open public schedule dates for Actionscript course. We can offer you a private training or arrange a public course for you. Contact us here and we can make arrangements for your course.

Delivery Formats

This course can be attended face to face in an open classrooms, live online virtual classroom remotely from home or office, private one-to-one and on-site for your team at your office.

Course Outline

Actionscript course overview

This course explains how to write in Actionscript, the widely used scripting language that goes hand in hand with Flash applications. Combining Actionscript with Flash, you can create much more flexible applications than just using Flash itself.

This Actionscript course is hands-on, instructor-led and classroom based. This training can be taken as a part-time evening course or even on the weekends. A list of all upcoming public Actionscript training course is given on training dragon website. Each course is restricted to a maximum of ten delegates to ensure an excellent training experience.

Who is Actionscript training for?

This course is for you if you would like to further your knowledge and create more advanced flash applications.

Prerequisites for Actionscript course

A good knowledge of Adobe Flash is required for this course. Please refer to the Adobe Flash course in Training Dragon.

What will I get?

  • Training from professional Actionscript designers:

    Training Dragon consultants have been implementing professional Actionscript developers for many years. Those consultants write and teach our Actionscript training courses, so their experience directly informs course content.

  • Real-time Practice and Projects:

    Our Actionscript courses are designed to get you started in Actionscript . We work on industry related projects and tasks in this Actionscript course.

  • Course Material:

    Actionscript electronic notes are included in this course.

  • Course Completion Certificate:

    After completing this training your will receive Actionscript course completion certificate.

  • Support and Careers Advice:

    After the course if you have any problems or questions regarding Actionscript  do not hesitate to contact us. Training Dragon’s trainers are expert in their fields and if you need any help with you career choice, please speak to one of our trainers.

Actionscript Course Contents

Part 1: Start From the Beginning!

What is Actionscript?

  • Actionscript and Flash
  • Configuring Document Settings
  • Building a Flash File
  • Actionscript on the Timeline
  • Keeping Things Organised

Actionscript Syntax

  • Commenting on Actionscript
  • Actionscript Variables and Assigning Memory
  • Data Types: String, Number, Int, Uint and Boolean
  • Complex Data Types and Date
  • What is Instantiation?
  • Trace Command and its Importance
  • Introduction to Arrays

Stage Control

  • Width and Height of the Stage
  • Stage Properties – frameRate, fullScreenWidth, fullScreenHeight, displayState and wmodeGPU
  • Using Math.random() to Control Stage Dimensions
  • Creating Multiple Stages Using Loops and NumChildren
  • Keeping Clean Code

Why Use Functions?

  • Creating Functions
  • Calling Functions
  • Function Parameters Explained

Visual Control with Actionscript

  • The Importance of Instance Names
  • Strong Typing
  • Defining Aliases in Code
  • Accessing Named Objects

All About Buttons!

  • Designing a Button
  • Alpha and Tint
  • Bevel, Drop Shadow and Blur
  • Creating Stop Movie Buttons
  • Creating Restart Movie Buttons
  • Changing the Cursor
  • Buttons with Sound
  • Dealing with Button Modes
  • Adding Mouse Events
  • Handling Mouse Events
  • Removing Mouse Events

Mouse Events Extended

  • Mouse Down and Mouse Up
  • Dragging and Dropping Elements
  • Creating the Drag Area
  • Preventing Problems
  • Arranging Items Order

Part 2. The Beginning of OOP(Object Oriented Programming)

Coding to Draw

  • Introduction to Drawing with Actionscript
  • Turning Drawings into Objects
  • Creating Classes
  • The Constructor
  • Creating Shapes
  • Actionscript Drawing API
  • Placing the Objects to Stage
  • Using Math.random() Again to Place it Randomly
  • Gradient Fill
  • Tint with Random Colours
  • Using Easing to Implement Gravity
  • Using Graphics in the Library
  • Instance Variables – Public and Private
  • Using Code to Take Charge of Stage

Controlling Object Behaviours

  • What is Inheritance?
  • Drawing UML Diagrams
  • Drag and Drop Movieclip Class
  • Using Inheritance to Apply the Class
  • Testing Behaviours
  • Controlling the Whole Movie
  • What is the Document Class?
  • Audio Volume Control
  • Loading and Playing Audio Files
  • Event Listeners for Audio Files

Keeping Things Moving

  • Moving Objects
  • What are Setters and Getters?
  • The Enter Frame Event
  • Using The Enter Frame Event
  • What is a Protected Function?
  • Using Protected Function to Handle the Event
  • The Point Class and Trigonometry

Monitoring Objects

  • Instance vs. Class Variables
  • Static Variable Management in a List
  • Looping Through the Array on Enter Frame
  • What is Collision Detection?
  • Hit Testing
  • Handling the Collision
  • Notification of the Collision
  • Handling the Notification

Using the Web Camera

  • Connecting to Your Web Camera
  • Taking a Picture with Your Camera
  • Saving the Picture
  • Displaying the Picture

Building a Video Player

  • Building a Simple Interface
  • Creating a Play / Pause Button
  • Loading an FLV File
  • Converting Videos to FLV

Part 3: A Whole New Project

  • Let’s Create a New Project
  • Planning Our Project
  • Drawing Diagrams
  • Creating Designs
  • Configuring Files
  • Configuring Document Settings
  • Creating the Scenes
  • Working with Layers
  • Creating our Navigation
  • Creating Content for Pages
  • Using Classes to Load Content


  • Creating Animated Preloaders
  • Designing Our Preloader
  • Connecting Preloader and Main Movie
  • Calculating Percentages and Displaying it
  • PreloadedDocument Base Class
  • Using Inheritance to Implement Class
  • Controlling with Coding
  • Testing and Simulating Download

Building Our Navigation and Pages

  • Mouse Events Revisited
  • Using a Switch Case
  • Loading a page
  • Building Up Our Pages
  • Creating Separate Movies for Pages
  • Publishing them All Together
  • Implementing Our Preloader
  • Testing Individual Movies

All About Dynamic Textfields

  • From Static to Dynamic
  • Using HTML for Formatting
  • Loading from a TXT File
  • Font Embedding
  • Scrolling the Text Box
  • Part 4: More OOP and Design Patterns
  • Design Patterns Explained
  • Introduction to MVC (Model-View-Controller)
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Factory and Template Method Patterns
  • Iterator Pattern
  • Composite Pattern
  • Decorator Pattern

Working with Events

  • Understanding Event Phases
  • The Target Phase
  • The Bubble Phase
  • Creating Event Dispatchers
  • Understanding Event Objects and Event Target Properties
  • Dispatching Events Through Inheritance
  • The IEventDispatcher Interface
  • Dynamic Data

Loading Text

  • Sending and Loading Variables
  • Sending and Loading XML
  • Optimizing Data Communication
  • Caching Data
  • Queuing and Pooling Requests


  • Creating XML Objects
  • Property Accessors
  • XML Filtering
  • Iterating Through an XMLList
  • Namespaces

Projects in ActionScript

Project 1. Create your own personalised button.

Project 2. Create a basic website with a pre-loader and load the content using XML.

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Daily schedule

The scheme below shows what a typical day at Training Dragon looks like.

10:00 11:30 11:45 13:00 14:00 15:30 15:45
Classroom Activity
This course explains how to create web pages from scratch using different techniques, such as
Classroom Activity
This course explains how to create web pages from scratch using different techniques, such as
Classroom Activity
This course explains how to create web pages from scratch using different techniques, such as
Classroom Activity
This course explains how to create web pages from scratch using different techniques, such as
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Looking for a
2-12 months


Web Developer career programme

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To make sure that personal attention is provided to everyone in the class, we keep our classroom size very small. There are maximum 8 delegates in all our classrooms.
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