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Web Development career programme

Upcoming dates

There are no open public schedule dates for ASP.NET course. We can offer you a private training or arrange a public course for you. Contact us here and we can make arrangements for your course.

Delivery Formats

This course can be attended face to face in an open classrooms, live online virtual classroom remotely from home or office, private one-to-one and on-site for your team at your office.

Course Outline

ASP.NET course overview

In this course you will learn how to make dynamic web pages using For this purpose, this course starts from basics of and then covers advanced .net topics. To make the concepts of clear, we are also going to develop an online ecommerce website shop project using with C# and Microsoft SQL Server. Some of the main topics that delegates will learn in this course are

  • Understand the .NET Framework and the CLR
  • Visual Studio
  • Introduction to C# Programming
  • Installation, Variables, Loops, Arrays, Operators
  • functions, Conditional Statements
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Class, Objects, Inheritance, libraries
  • Session, Cookies, Form Handling
  • Server Controls, HTML Controls, Validation Controls
  • Ms SQL Server Database Project using SQL insert, update, delete
  • And much more ….

Who is ASP.NET training for?

This training is designed for beginners. The main aim of this course is to take you to a level where you can start making your own dynamic websites using language.

Prerequisites for ASP.NET course

  • A good knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. You can get a good knowledge of HTML and CSS by taking our web design course.
  • Some experience with C# is required, for more details about this requirement please visit our C# course.
  • If you have some knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery then it will make learning this course even easier. Training Dragon’s jQuery Course provide an insight into javascript and jQuery.

What will I get?

  • Training from professional web developers:

    Training Dragon consultants have been implementing professional solutions across a range of web sites for many years. Those consultants write and teach our and Ms SQL Server training courses, so their experience directly informs course content.

  • Real-time Practice and Projects:

    Our courses are designed to get you started in web development . We work on industry related projects in this course. If you have a project or an idea that you wanted to turn into website then present that idea during the course and our trainers will help you to work on your own website.

  • Course Material: and Ms SQL Server electronic notes are included in this course.

  • Course Completion Certificate:

    After completing this training you will receive a web programming course completion certificate.

  • Support and Careers Advice:

    After the course if you have any problems or questions regarding do not hesitate to contact us. Training Dragon’s trainers are expert in their fields and if you need any help with you career choice, please speak to one of our trainers.

ASP.NET Course Contents

Introduction to and .NET framework

  • What is
  • What is IIS?
  • IIS and .net Framework installation
  • Create your first web page
  • Run ASP.NET Page using web server
  • HTML and

The .NET Framework

  • What is .NET Framework?
  • CLR (Common language runtime)
  • CLS (Common language specification)
  • FCL (Framework class library)
  • Intermediate Language
  • .NET Languages
  • Namespaces
  • SQLDataAdapter
  • SqlCommand
  • Dataset
  • SqlConnection
  • DataTable
  • DataRow
  • DataColumn

Controls & use in GUI

  • Web Server Controls
  • Label
  • TextBox
  • Linkbutton
  • Radiobutton
  • Button,
  • HyperLink
  • Image
  • Checkbox
  • Datagrid
  • Panel
  • Listbox
  • Dropdownlist,
  • Tables
  • Calendar
  • Web forms
  • Master Pages
  • Css Class
  • Validation controls

Navigation Controls:

  • SiteMap
  • Menu
  • Treeview
  • SiteMapPath

User control:

  • Learn to re-use code with user control

Object Oriented Programming C# (C-Sharp)

  • What is OOP (object oriented Programming)?
  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Variable and Variable Scope
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Events and Event Handlers

Utilise User roles and Permissions in your E-commerce website

  • User roles
  • Setting Permissions
  • Understand User roles and permissions
  • Understand the Web.Config (ActiveX Data Object)

  • What is
  • Access and manipulate data using ADO.NET 3.5
  • Forward-Only Data
  • In-Memory Data Model

Data Binding

  • Data binding
  • Postback
  • Binding to textboxes
  • Binding to labels
  • Binding to drop down lists
  • Binding to a Datagrid


  • Securing the System Navigation
  • Encryption and Decryption
  • User authentication and authorization
  • Session authentication
  • Form authentication

Bootstrap & HTML5

  • Setting front end for your using BootStrap


  • Change URL to make SEO friendly


  • Saving a copy of page in cache to save server load

Configuring PayPal

  • Connect web application to PayPal

Publishing your website

  • Publish to filesystem
  • Publish via ftp to your web host

Version Control

  • How does version control work on .NET application

Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQL Database

  • Database concepts & RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems)
  • Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Creating ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)
  • What are MS SQL data types?
  • DDL (Data definition language)
  • DML (Data manipulation language)
  • Creating and Editing Database and Tables
  • Primary key
  • Foreign key
  • Inserting Data in tables
  • Updating data
  • Deleting data
  • Selecting data

Projects in and MsSQL Server Course

Project 1: Build a Contact us Email Form

  • Create Form using coding and Visual studio
  • Accept data
  • Mail function

Project2: Build a Login system

  • Create login page using coding and Visual studio
  • Connect login page to database
  • Validate login data
  • Using session
  • User Roles and membership

Project3: Build an online shop backend CMS

  • Database for shopping cart website
  • Add Product page
  • Upload product image
  • View products
  • Delete product from catalogue
  • Update products
  • View customers
  • View online orders

Project4: Create an E-commerce shopping cart website

  • E-commerce website design
  • Create a home page
  • Build a product search
  • Display e-commerce catalogue
  • Create a basket page
  • Add items to basket page
  • Update items quantity in basket
  • Remove items from basket
  • Customer checkout
  • Register customer details
  • Save Customer online order
  • Understand online transaction

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Daily schedule

The scheme below shows what a typical day at Training Dragon looks like.

10:00 11:30 11:45 13:00 14:00 15:30 15:45
Classroom Activity
This course explains how to create web pages from scratch using different techniques, such as
Classroom Activity
This course explains how to create web pages from scratch using different techniques, such as
Classroom Activity
This course explains how to create web pages from scratch using different techniques, such as
Classroom Activity
This course explains how to create web pages from scratch using different techniques, such as
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Looking for a
2-12 months


Web Development career programme

Our Trainers

Leads our teaching team with many years of experience in teaching web development.
Brings many years of Python and Java software development experience to classrooms.
Microsoft and Oracle certified developer with years teaching experience in Android, .NET and databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many maximum people are on my course? 

To make sure that personal attention is provided to everyone in the class, we keep our classroom size very small. There are maximum 8 delegates in all our classrooms.
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